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Halle auf der Schray

The “Halle auf der Schray” was built in 1989 and is a central meeting point in Erdmannhausen.
Within the scope of the string of events “Kultur in der Provinz“, i.e. Culture in the Province, the municipality organizes cultural events from various fields.
The “Halle auf der Schray” also offers ideal conditions for sport events. During the week, the sport done within clubs takes place there. At the weekend, tournaments and sport events known supra-regionally take place there. Especially the table tennis tournament of the table tennis club Erdmannhausen taking place before Pentecost has to be mentioned. During this international tournament, world champions and Olympic champions meet in Erdmannhausen.
The “Halle auf der Schray” also is an ideal place for private and business events. The beautiful small saloon is ideal for private festivities. The generously proportioned big hall offers ideal prerequisites for exhibitions, conferences, meetings and assemblies.
The “Halle auf der Schray” isn’t subject to any tenant. Each organizer can operate by himself.
We inform about events taking place in the “Halle auf der Schray” on our website regularly.

Some data about the “Halle auf der Schray“:
area of the hall:
shed area                                                                                                               993 m²
playing field                                                                                                      22 x 45 m
foyer including checkroom                                                                                  203 m²
audience                                                                                                                 214 m²

area of the stage:
stage                                                                                                                         95 m²
forestage                                                                                                                  18 m²
backstage for the artists                                                                                          7 m²
storeroom                                                                                                                54 m²

kitchen, store room                                                                                                93 m²
club hall including tea kitchen                                                                           122 m²
2 conference rooms                                                                                 23 und 29 m²
8 changing rooms                                                                                                              

seating arrangement: theater style: (see: plan of seating arrangement)
area of the hall                                                                                             1.250 seats
(after consulting: up to 1.600 seats possible)
club hall                                                                                                            150 seats

seating arrangements with tables:
area of the hall                                                                                                750 seats
club hall                                                                                                            100 seats

parking space for cars:                                                                                          300