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Industrial Park

Luftaufnahme Gewerbegebiet
Luftaufnahme Gewerbegebiet, Bild: Gerhard Launer WFL-GmbH, Rottendorf
The industrial park “Ochsenweg” is situated at the north western edge of the municipality. It has its seeds in the settlement of the business “Erwin Huober, Brezelfabrik” which has built its first factory- and office-buildings alongside the state road L 1124 in 1954/55.

Today, the industrial park constitutes about 10 hectares on which food-, wood- and metal-working is performed and you can find family enterprises there as well as middle class factories and global players.

If you need more information on our industrial park, please contact the mayor Lutz Schwaigert directly via email or just call: +49 (0)7144 308 200.