Gemeinde Erdmannhausen
Sunday,  01st October 2023



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Greeting from the mayor

Marcus Kohler Bürgermeister
Marcus Kohler Bürgermeister
Welcome to the website of the town hall of Erdmannhausen.

I’m very pleased that you visit us as a guest via internet – either from far away or from the immediate vicinity.

With this internet platform, we want to give you an understanding of our liveable and loveable municipality. We provide information about all areas of living and we want to keep you informed about the activities supported, initiated and performed by our municipality. Besides information concerning all circumstances and situations life offers, you also find information about our public administration and my colleagues. Additionally, you can find interesting facts concerning historical facts as well as the present state of Erdmannhausen.

Within this virtual city hall, you get the same friendly and professional service that you find in personal contact with us.

We constantly aim to extend and improve our website. In case you miss any information or helpful hint, please send us a short message.

Enjoy your stay at our newly designed website!


Marcus Kohler