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navigation aid


The surface of this webpage can be controlled with shortcuts by using certain access keys. This enables handicapped visitors of our website to approach the most important areas of the webpage. The main menu is provided with shortcuts. Those can be (de-) activated using the following link.

(de-) activate shortcuts

key combinations

Press “Alt” plus the shortcut key (simultaneously) and you immediately approach the area you are aiming at.

Information: shortcuts may be dependent on the browser you use.
You can switch between the different browsers with the following shortcuts:

Internet Explorer: "Alt" +shortcut key, confirm with “enter”
Mozilla/Mozilla Firefox 1.0/Netscape: "Alt" + shortcut key
Mozilla Firefox 2.0: "Shift" + "Alt" +shortcut key
Opera: "Shift" + "Esc" +shortcut key
Older versions, like Netscape 4 or Opera 5/6 do not support these shortcuts.

If you wish to use numbers, you have to use those of the main keyboard. Combinations using the number keys on the right side of your keyboard will not be supported.