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Terms of Service

These General Terms and Conditions apply to all usage of the website
§ 1: Subject of the contract
(1) For the usage of the website, especially for the functionality of the website "my Erdmannhausen“, the following terms and conditions apply.
(2) The website offers information about the municipality Erdmannhausen. By using “my Erdmannhausen“, an interactive internet platform is provided for registered users.
§ 2 Registration by the user
(1) Using the website in general is possible without any registration. Using certain functionalities requires a registration by the user.
(2) Using the functionality “my Erdmannhausen” requires a registration.
§ 3 Scope of services
(1) Using the website as well as the functionality “my Erdmannhausen” is free of charge for the users.
(2) As far as services are provided free of charge, we are authorized to change, restrain or abolish the service at any time without any previous announcement.
§ 4 Contents / Copyright
(1)     The layout, graphics, pictures, data and any other contents of this website are protected by copyright law and in our favor.
(2)     The users are responsible for sticking to the Copyright etc. mentioned in § 4 (1). The users confirm to retrieve, store and use the contents of the website for private use only. Any other kind of copying, duplicating, rearrangement, public demonstration and accessibility, distribution, sending as well as any other application is forbidden. We will pursue all forbidden activities by legal action.
§ 5 Contents posted by the users
(1)     Registered users are provided with the possibility to exchange information with other users after registration. The validity and legitimacy of the contents provided by the users, especially texts and pictures, are guaranteed by the users, regardless how the relevant information is posted. With the registration, the users assures that the contents provided by him or her do not violate the rights of other parties, especially copy rights, personal rights and trademark rights. We are not liable but authorized to control all the contents posted by the users.
(2)     The user shall indemnify and hold harmless the Supplier from and against any (and all) claims or legal proceedings brought by third parties arising out of the infringement of rights, e.g. mentioned in § 5 (1). This includes mulcts, fines and any costs in connection with a prosecution, as well as judicial and extrajudicial costs within the scope of a civil law dispute.
(3)     In case we take cognizance of any infringement mentioned in § 5 (1), we are eligible to delete the according contents of the users without their agreement until the factual and legal position is clear.
(4)     Provided that the contents posted by the users are copyrighted, trademarked and / or protected by any other proprietary right, the users grant us a right of use, especially concerning the right of reproduction, right for distribution and administration right, as well as the right to make these contents accessible to the public.
§ 6 Data Protection and Passwords
(1)     The use of our web site - insofar as technically possible and reasonable - is fundamentally carried out either anonymously or by use of a pseudonym.
(2)     The collection, processing and / or use of your personal data is always in accordance with statutory provisions and legal regulations. No additional entry, processing and/or use of your personal data or the transmission to third parties will take place unless you have expressly agreed to this. If so, you may revoke this at any time.
(3)     If you are registered, you may request information on the data we have stored concerning your person, the origin of the data, those who receive the data, the purpose of storing the data and the people and/or places to which we regularly transmit your data. Furthermore, you have the right to correct your data and to block or delete your data, if legal requirements exist.
(4)     The users are liable to the compliance of the protection of the data and the personal rights. Retrievable data and the functions and contents of the website approved for your usage are only allowed to be used for your own purposes. The users are forbidden to circulate the data of other parties.
(5)     The user is liable to use passwords, user names etc. with the greatest care and to ensure that the data will not be handed on to others. The user has to answer for any damage caused by illegal acquisition of passwords by third parties.
§ 7 Duration of Contract and Cancellation 
(1)     The term of the license contract is indeterminate. The cancellation of the license contract is possible at any time.
(2)     The cancellation has to be made by a statement in text- or written form.
§ 8 Miscellaneous
(1)     The contractual language is German. The German contractual language is mandatory, even if the contract is translated into any other language.
(2)     In addition to all the mentioned regulations, German law is applicable.